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What is Instagram Marketing?

Brands use Instagram as an exciting way to showcase the culture of Instagram brands, hire new employees, engage with customers, and showcase products in a new light, using Instagram to connect with their target audience and market their offers. They do so by spending up to 8x less budget than through traditional media outlets.

Like Facebook and Twitter, everyone who creates an Instagram account has a profile and newsfeed. Users can interact with each other by following, sending private messages, and commenting or liking photos or videos. Filter and edit options included in the app Instagram's offer makes the app unique because it provides in-app editing early on in this app.

Instagram lets users upload photos and videos to their profiles and edit with a variety of options. Instagram hosts dozens of basic filters that users can add to their photos. These preset filters make a variety of changes to photos, add light, give the image a warm or cool tone, increase or decrease saturation, and more. Unlike using a third-party photo editor, users can edit images directly on the platform. If they don't like a particular filter, they can use Instagram's editing feature to change the contrast, brightness, texture, warmth, saturation, sharpness, and more. More dynamic features like IGTV, Lives or Reels can be a great asset for a successful Marketing Strategy.

Instagram marketing strategies:

  • Set your goals for Instagram.

  • Set your Instagram target audience.

  • Conduct a competitive analysis.

  • Configure an editorial calendar.

  • Create a consistent brand on Instagram.

  • Increase your Instagram following base.

  • Connect with your other Social Media platforms

  • Convert your Instagram followers to subscribers/buyers.

Looking for ideas, strategies or guidance? We can help!

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