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Our Mission

“Content is King” has literally never been more true! And yet an incredible amount of unnecessary and ineffective content continues to be created. Our content marketing experts help you with the creation, optimization, generation, distribution and generally in the area of PR and Digital Branding.


A good content strategy is characterized by addressing the right target groups with clearly defined focus topics. We analyze your target groups and buyer personas in an analytically sound manner and create appealing content (imagery, video, text...) for your online communication. We are very happy to help you in a wide range of topics and sales channels!


GLATT Switzerland

"Back in the early days, we would have never truly realized tiktok's potential for our group if it wasn't for Fred's input. He helped us gather targeted and engaging followers in a matter of months after creating a business account for us. 


The right use of this platform gave us +33% digital brand equity. Our clients are actively engaging with us to this day, connecting and sharing their unique experiences at our shopping center and of course accross our social media platforms."

• 10k+ targeted follower growth in 32 weekss (2018)

• 1:16 followers/likes ratio

• 4% increase in respondents for the 1st quarter (2018)


"With the expertise of Fred Ferry and his team, we've achieved so many goals, especially the ability to accurately target our public. It helped us increase our digital presence nationwide. 

We know how to understand metrics and analytics and how to use it for the future campaigns (which, by the way, are so much cheaper than traditional media yet so much more precise...). It is impressive what a correctly calibrated social media campaign can do for your business!"

• +99.2% targeted reach (age and gender)

   across 6 campaigns

• Highest conversion rate ever visible in physical locations

   after two quarters



"I have been working with Fred for a few months and I could never thank him enough for his availability and his professionalism, I recommend him *1000 to anyone who really wants to move forward with their digital communication and lead generation. 

Everything we planned as well as every of my personal goals/milestones actually happened the way it was supposed to, and according to his guidance..."

• 8k+ organic follower growth in 8 weeks (2022)

• 1:10 followers/likes ratio

• Increased leads generation

• Boosted brand recognition cross platforms

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